Master customs clearance with tradePhlo

Empower your import/export operations with TradePhlo

tradePhlo is the ultimate solution for managing your critical customs clearance processes. Our software unifies customs clearance, shipment tracking, and payment processing all in one powerful cloud-based platform. With real-time data and analysis, you’ll gain instant insights into your customs clearance operations.

Discover how tradePhlo can simplify your import and export processes

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Seamless registration 

tradePhlo registration process is designed to be user-friendly and streamlined, requiring very basic information, allowing users to quickly sign up and start utilising the application.

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User management 

tradePhlo’s user management allows administrators to create master-data, set-up companies and manage and monitor user access, permissions, and roles within the application.

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Create declarations

Gain visibility into tradePhlo’s declaration module, users can fully comprehend how to create and monitor declarations in real-time, giving them the ability to confidently use tradePhlo.

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Download reports

tradePhlo reports (SAD) feature allows users to easily generate and download reports related to their import/export.These report scan be useful for compliance and audit purposes.

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Export declaration 

Develop understanding of each field on an export declaration and the corresponding information required to be entered in each section, reducing the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies.

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Import declaration

Step-by-step guide that breaks down each field on an Import declaration, providing clear instructions on what information needs to be entered and where in the declaration form.

“tradePhlo’s virtual training was a game-changer for my team. The software’s user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance videos helped us master customs clearance procedures quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend their virtual training to anyone looking to quickly get to grips with the application”

Lovepreet S Dhillion 
CEO Jaslyn EnterpriseFounder

Download tradePhlo user guide & training modules  

Maximise your productivity with tradePhlo’s user guide and comprehensive training modules. Our intuitive user guide and training modules empower users to efficiently navigate our software and streamline their customs clearance processes. By utilising these resources, users can optimise their productivity, minimise errors, and achieve their import/export goals with ease.

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    tradePhlo training modules