tradePhlo combines data, state-of-the-art technology and people power in a single application

Self service

Create, monitor and manage your own customs declarations. Set-up and use Duty/VAT payment facilities including DDA, CDS Cash account and postpone-VAT. Ad-hoc reporting.

Built on cloud

Low code automation, digital aggregation and sharing of import/export information throughout companies’ supply chain in real time.

Multiple users

Invite multiple users to set-up individual accounts. Control the level of access invited users have to the app

Single Interface for test & live

tradePhlo hosts Test and Live environment on a single interface. This allows users to copy tested and approved declarations and submit into live within seconds.

New control & visibilities

Gain complete control of your customs processes. Real-time visibility into the progress of declarations. Digital file-upload facility to send declaration-specific documents to HMRC

Support & training

Our Subject Matter Experts and Customer Support Engineers are available 24/7 to help your in-house staff training and continued systems support and customs queries.