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HMRC warns 220,000 business to move to CDS.

HMRC is notifying more than 220,000 businesses to urge them to switch to the UK’s new, more efficient customs IT platform CDS if they haven’t already. After 30 September 2022, businesses must use the Customs Declaration Service to submit import declarations in order to continue importing goods.

HMRC is writing to more than 220,000 VAT-registered businesses with information on how to move onto the Customs Declaration Service, if they are not already using it.

Since 2018, the CDS has been used to complete customs declarations in Northern Ireland and the Rest of the World. From 31 March 2023, the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will operate as the UK’s “single customs platform,” as stated earlier this year. The government claims that the single customs service will save businesses time and money in compliance costs because it is “based on world-leading technology.”

As of right now, import declarations for moving goods into the UK should be made through the Customs Declaration Service, which has been operational since 2018. The new service, which will take the place of the outdated Customs Handling Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), represents a considerable improvement by giving businesses access to a more transparent, functioning system.

The government’s goal of a Single Trade Window, which would greatly assist businesses by reducing the levels of form-filling necessary, enhancing the use of data throughout the government, and increasing user experience, is now one step closer with this. 

Carol Bristow, HMRC’s Director General for Borders and Trade, said:

There is only just over three months to go until CHIEF closes for import declarations and all businesses will need to use the Customs Declaration Service instead. It is incredibly important that businesses move across to the system as soon as possible. There is plenty of support and guidance available to help businesses make the move.

It takes businesses time to move across onto the Customs Declaration Service depending on the size and nature of their business so they must start the process now to ensure that they are fully set up ahead of the 30 September deadline.

Since July 5th, 2022, CHIEF has ceased to accept new registration requests from importers. To declare their imports, they must instead register with the Customs Declaration Service. 

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